Top Universities In Canada To Study Business In 2017

Business programs are among the most popular in Canada, and Canadian universities offer a dizzying array. At Canadian universities, entrepreneurial individuals may be assured of a comprehensive and forward-thinking education at all levels of study.

Maclean’s Magazine has released its 2017 rankings of Canadian universities across eight popular study areas: Engineering, Biology, Computer Science, Education, Environmental Science, Medicine, Mathematics, Nursing and Psychology. According to the latest data, graduates from Business, management and public administration study programs accounted for 22 percent of all post-secondary graduates in Canada in 2014. This represents the largest share of graduates by subject.

19. University of Regina (tie)
19. University of Ottawa (tie)
18. University of Victoria (tie)
17. Université du Québec à Montréal
16. Wilfrid Laurier University
15. Laval University
13. Concordia University (tie)
13. University of Calgary (tie)
12. University of Waterloo (tie)
11. Université de Montréal
10. Ryerson University
9. McMaster University
8. Simon Fraser University
7. Queen’s University
6. McGill University
5. York University
4. Western University
3. University of Alberta
2. University of British Columbia
1. University of Toronto